Soul Transformation Services

What is Soul Transformation?

If you’re like most people who hear the word “soul”, your mind goes directly to religion.
And if you’re not the religious type, then the idea of a “soul” might sound made up. It might sound like some woo-woo fantasy or make-believe.

But let’s take a step back for a moment…
Let’s explore what the word “soul” really means.

First: the soul is both a spiritual concept and a scientific reality.

In spiritual terms, the soul is the immortal aspect of a person that connects them with their source, god or the universe. But in quantum physics, the soul is also known as “the warehouse of information” deep within our energy field. It’s the deepest part of us that is aware of everything we’ve experienced growing up, including the things the brain doesn’t have the processing power to remember or simply be conscious of.

Since scientists have proven that your heart is 5000x more powerful than your brain, the fastest way to transform any situation using the power of your soul is through working on your heart instead of your mind.

When we think of concepts like the “soul” or “soul wellness” we could see them as just a spiritual idea… Or we could understand it as a system operating our lives on a level much deeper than something we can taste, feel, or touch.

Let me show you what I mean…

SOUL – The warehouse of positive and negative information collected since birth. And if you believe in reincarnation, those lives count too.
INFORMATION – What you and your energy field is made up of.
HEALING – The act of transforming negative information into positive information.

Therefore, the SOUL is simply a container responsible for hosting the information that creates your reality.

And Soul Transformation is simply the act of transforming negative information into positive information on the highest level. On the level beneath the atoms that create your physical world and physical body. The quantum level.

You can choose to see Soul Transformation or soul wellness as a spiritual action. Or you can choose to see it as a way to utilizing the highest positive information to create greater health and happiness for your physical reality and circumstances.

But either way, you’re still right.

Transforming yourself on a soul level, no matter how you choose to see it, is the foundation of where true transformation begins.

I have always been interested in finding new therapies and techniques that I can bring to my clients and patients that can truly help them to progress on their healing journeys.

In my 15 years as a Soul Transformational Practitioner, I truly believe in my heart that transforming any negative information that we may carry on the soul level can help us to move to a greater state of health and wellbeing. By removing key blockages, the soul, heart, mind, and body can receive greater benefit and move much quicker to a state of balance and harmony.

As a Certified Master Teacher of the Tao Academy, I have been empowered to bring source frequency and vibration to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies for soul transformation of negative information energy and matter that may be affecting you.

While both soul healing and mind-body balancing are essential for optimal well-being, for a good and happy life, it is perhaps more important to heal the soul first.

Explore the Soul Transformational Services that I can offer you to assist on your soul healing journey. I offer a 30-minute complimentary private consultation to help you decide which services may be most appropriate for you.

Soul Transformation Services:

Soul Reading: In this 60-minute private session, a deeper understanding of why certain challenges or difficulties arise in your life. Guidance is accessed to help you understand what you can do to transform these difficulties for greater health and happiness. The sessions are very powerful for transforming any aspect of life including health-physical, mental, emotional, relationships, finances, business and more.

Crown Chakra Blessing: The Crown Chakra blessing is a transformational experience to remove blockages that can help to transform all aspects of health-physical, mental, emotional, relationships, finances, business and more. A soul reading can help you to determine what blessing is needed at this time. 

Soul Operation: A Soul Operation uses high frequency light to spiritually open an organ, system, or part of the body. Accessing these high-level frequency and vibration of light helps to transform some of the soul, heart, mind and body blockages of your request. This high frequency vibrational light helps to cleanse and nourish the area of concern to bring transformation and rejuvenation. 

Tao Calligraphy Quantum Transformational Field: The Tao Calligraphy Quantum Transformational Field is a very powerful field that is created through accessing the Source Energy through the Tao Calligraphies as portals to the Source. These powerful Source portals have been created by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha using oneness writing which brings the higher frequency and vibration of the Source to you. Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha has been my spiritual teacher and mentor since 2009. The Tao Calligraphies carry the purest most positive information of the source that can transform negative information that you may be experiencing causing you difficulties in any aspect of life. This Source Field can be accessed directly by sitting and meditating in a special room that is designed for an amazing transformational experience. 

Schedule a time to come in and receive a complementary Tao Calligraphy Quantum Field meditation session to experience for yourself. 

Source Quantum Light Transmissions: Source Quantum Light Transmissions are permanent Source Light Treasures that carry the highest frequency and vibration to help you to transform a difficulty in your life as it relates to health-physical, mental, emotional, relationships, finances, and business. These Source Quantum Light Transmissions stay permanently in your body offering you transformation of the negative information that is affecting you 24/7.

Optimal Wellness Program: The Optimal Wellness Program is a very powerful 3-month immersions program designed to potentially remove negative information at an accelerated rate for greater transformation of a health condition that relates to an organ, system, or area of the body that you are experiencing illness or pain. A soul reading is provided to determine what Soul Transformation Services are needed to transform the negative information related to your condition. Morning practice sessions as well as weekly acupuncture and Tao Calligraphy Quantum Field mediation sessions are included in this all-in-one package. The Optimal Wellness Program is a unique opportunity to transform negative information in a more direct and guided program from the Source.

Please take advantage of the complimentary 30-minute consultation to help you to decide how Soul Transformation Services assist you in getting to the next level of your healing journey. You can contact Dr. Debra at 602-923-1125 for more information.

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