Complimentary Consult

Finding the right healthcare professional can be an arduous task. I offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation to help you in identify what services can best assist you on your healing journey. My approach is to help you identify the blockages that keep you from living a healthy and happy life. We will set up a plan to help you to move through the blockages through the products and services that will best suit your situation. I will provide the ongoing support that can help you to move forward to experience a sense of wellbeing, and feel more positive, balanced, and peaceful.

To schedule your complimentary appointment click here or call: 602-923-1125

Your Initial Visit

Please be prepared to stay for about 1 hour on the first Acupuncture treatment, which includes the initial consultation with discussion of treatment plan.

In this session you will find information about your role in the healing process. I believe strongly in educating my clients and equipping them with the tools to sustain their health independently whenever possible. The more you become involved with and responsible for your health on the soul, heart, mind, body levels, the better you will feel.

During the assessment, you may be asked about things that you might not think are connected to your chief complaint, such as your emotions, sleeping patterns, and eating habits. Chinese medicine considers the whole person, not just one isolated symptom. When put together, the myriad of symptoms and signs you are experiencing reveal patterns of disharmony. Although treatment will focus on your chief complaint, your whole being must be considered in order to develop the most appropriate course of treatment. Chinese medicine is unique in that it appreciates that illnesses may be identical, but the persons suffering from them are individuals.

The following suggestions are provided to help you have a safe and relaxing experience with acupuncture. Please read this section carefully. If you have any questions or if you are unsure of what you actually want to accomplish with your sessions, please schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation on a day prior to your first visit.

  1. Bring a list of current medications you are taking, including any prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements, and vitamins.
  2. Bring any lab or medical reports relevant to your condition.
  3. Eat a light meal a few hours prior to your visit. Acupuncture is not performed on individuals who are fasting. Being over-hungry increases the risk of nausea or dizziness. At the same time, please do not overeat or eat any foods that cause your stomach to be upset (for example, rich, greasy, fried, or extremely spicy foods).
  4. Avoid alcohol on the day of your treatment. Acupuncture is not performed on intoxicated individuals due to the increased risk of shock. It is also not advisable to become intoxicated shortly after treatment.
  5. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Acupuncture points are located all over the body. Many of the acupuncture points that are commonly used are located between the wrists and elbows and the ankles and knees. You will be more comfortable if your clothing can be easily rolled up to your elbows and knees. Women should not wear one-piece dresses. If necessary, a gown can be provided.

Be on time for your appointment so that you may benefit fully. When you make an appointment, please understand that time has been reserved for you.